Northern Lights observed

A fine display of Northern Lights were observed across Ireland last night. They were seen in Sligo, Mayo, Galway and Donegal. Unfortunately I was clouded out for the night :(( Data from my magnetometer shows that activity continued well into the early hours and petered out about 5am, as shown below. Do keep your comments coming in.

Dave Gradwell


  1. Hi Dave. Yes you are correct activity lasted up to at least 4am as i still got a hint of green in some images , you can see my images here http://spaceweather.com/submissions/large_image_popup.php?image_name=Ronan-Newman-IMG_3320_1334284330.jpg

    I am surprised it was reported from Galway as i thought it was cloudy there

  2. Yeah I saw your images on Space Weather Ronan, well done. Thats interesting about activity as it gives a good indicator as to what level of magnetic disturbance we need to be looking out for. Reports from near Portumna, so if I had've gone up the road a bit I could have got clear skies, ah well.


    btw hope to start on my new magnetometer in June